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posted by [personal profile] damerell at 08:09pm on 24/11/2016
It's my birthday on Sunday and I'll be in London. I'm going to see _Pretentious Moi?_ [1] at Nambucca in London on Saturday and in the Pembury Tavern in Hackney from about 3pm on Sunday.

[1] Some of their stuff is on Youtube, Soundclod, etc. They're "modern trad", if one can use such an expression.
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posted by [personal profile] damerell at 02:28pm on 22/11/2016
I realise about three of you care about Crawl victory posts, so I'm going to set up a custom fiends group to filter these. Let me know if you'd like to be on it.

Demigod fighter )
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posted by [personal profile] damerell at 08:45pm on 30/09/2016
Hooray, won again! 2 from 39 games. Whoops, knew I'd forgotten something )
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posted by [personal profile] damerell at 04:52pm on 27/08/2016
I've been playing Crawl recently, which is a roguelike - like NetHack but worse.
And I won... )
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posted by [personal profile] damerell at 04:21pm on 03/12/2015
I thought I'd found a bug in The Martian but [personal profile] davidgillon pointed out I hadn't. This is preserved for curiosity's sake.

Spoilers for the book, and probably for the movie )
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posted by [personal profile] damerell at 05:36pm on 12/11/2015
I will be 0x28 years old on the 27th November. Queen Edith (Cambridge pub) from about 19:30, anyone? Be there or be elsewhere.
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posted by [personal profile] damerell at 06:42pm on 28/09/2015
We have a coffee machine at work which produces cheap and nasty coffee, which at least isn't expensive and nasty, but compares badly with the cafe which does cheap and nice coffee but closes at 4 pm.

The machine has a light sensor to see if you've put a mug in it, but I can't actually put my mug in in a position that trips the sensor. There's an obvious failure mode in that I forget to put my hand over the sensor and a paper cup drops down.

A less obvious mode is that I put my hand over the sensor but don't put my mug in. :-(
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posted by [personal profile] damerell at 07:52pm on 18/06/2015
Dear spiders,

I fear I must refer you to the stipulations of our de facto treaty. I, the human party, have refrained from killing you or purposefully disturbing your webs, even if you are creepy and have too many legs. However, given the recent intrusion by fat black houseflies, I should like to enquire as to why you are not carrying out your obligations under the treaty by catching and eating them.


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posted by [personal profile] damerell at 01:25am on 29/05/2015
We just got back from _San Andreas_, which is perfectly satisfactory if you were expecting a cheesy disaster movie with lavish effects, which I was.


This might be a spoiler for the romantic subplot if you have never in your entire life read TV Tropes )
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posted by [personal profile] damerell at 02:17pm on 07/05/2015
So, I haven't voted yet, having three options that are each, in their own way, plausible. I will vote, I always do (although I think the "if you don't vote you can't complain" argument is entirely fatuous), but one of two of these three options is going to win anyway - if I can't decide between them, there isn't an argument for picking at random just to avoid getting the stinking Tory or the 'kipper.

I might vote for Julian Huppert, the incumbent, a Lib Dem; for Daniel Zeichner, Labour, who also might win; for Rupert Read, a Green.

Considered as individuals, Huppert is comfortably ahead: he's an excellent constituency MP, he's been about as bolshie as a Lib Dem MP in this dire coalition can be, he actually understands science, he's opposed to the erosion of civil liberties, he asks serious questions in Parliament and doesn't behave like a chimpanzee, he's one of the few candidates who won't hide if I wear an Open Rights Group t-shirt and assume an earnest expression. Plus, he rides a bicycle (and doesn't wear a magic plastic hat).

Zeichner is a bit of a cipher but basically appears to toe the party line.

Read has a habit of coming out with actively awful things.

Considered in terms of the overall election outcome, Zeichner is ahead. He'd, obviously, support Miliband as PM, and Miliband's not a stinking Tory.

Read won't win so voting for him is somewhere between Zeichner and Huppert.

Huppert's behind, since he might support Cameron as PM and almost certainly would not support Miliband. Ironically, it's a Lib Dem leaflet (a false-flag blue one for Tory voters) that put me on this cusp of indecision rather than voting for Huppert because he's personally good.

Considered in terms of parties, I prefer the Green Party - indeed, I'm _in_ the Green Party - and thanks to our insane electoral system, to get a Green MP in the future we probably have to vote for one now just to signal to each other that we exist.

The Lib Dems are generally OK, notwithstanding the Faustian pact with the Tories; strong on civil liberties, and also want to change the insane electoral system.

Labour are... well, New Labour were practically crypto-Thatcherites and Old Labour aren't on the ballot. I don't expect them to be any better on civil liberties, and in the runup to the election they've been coming out with a lot of sub-Tory crap about immigration and "hard-working families". They're bottom of this list - they're better than the Tories, but that's a pretty low bar.

Maybe I'll take a d12 into the booth... and if you can get to it before I'm there, I'm actively soliciting anything that might tip the balance.


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