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Obligatory Hugo post

The rules permitted a contestant to submit any number of entries as long as each was written on a Skyway Soap wrapper or reasonable facsimile.

I considered photographing one and turning out facsimiles by the gross, but Dad advised me not to. "It is within the rules, Kip, but I've never yet known a skunk to be welcome at a picnic."

-- Robert A. Heinlein, "Have Space Suit - Will Travel", 1958

I've done some brief analysis on the Puppy slates. The Rabid Puppies, who enjoyed more success, can come first.

Their slate contains 65 people's names. Of those names, 10 belong to women. This is fully twice the number of those names that are "John C Wright". It even exceeds the 7 names associated with Castalia House, a publisher with an impressive roster of ten authors (one of whom is female and has an equally impressive catalogue of one book from them, not on the slate), and which coincidentally happens to be run by the organiser of the slate, universal bigot Theodore Beale.

The Sad Puppies manage 52 names. A whole 9 of those are women, with women allowed nominations in a full one (short story) of the four fiction categories that come first on the Hugo list. That half of humanity has done well, also, to garner a full three times the nominations allocated to Castalia House. It only just fails to be twice the 5 nominations for men for work for Baen Books, who - oh, happy chance - publish the organiser of this slate, Brad Torgerson.

I mention this not because you will be surprised, but because Torgerson has been making some soothing noises about how they had all kinds of diverse people on the ballot, etc, and chose purely on the basis of merit. I mention that not because you will be surprised that he is lying, but because it might be useful to have an exact count that demonstrates that's a giant porkie.