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Dear Lazyweb, if you live in Cambridge and go to an optician, who is it and are they annoying? Thanks.
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Murphy on Newmarket Road, and he is the only optician ever to have told me I don't need a new prescription, I just need eyedrops. Cheeringly old-school (they still use index cards instead of databases, and they don't have lots of fancy modern air-squirting kit), and happily screw frames back together for free if you turn up with the bits.
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Seconded. (My experience is as someone who doesn't need glasses, going for a routine checkup.)
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Boots, because that's what work will subsidize. The only annoyance I recall was the lack of mobile signal in the waiting area.
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Clamp Optometrists on St Andrew's St, who I've generally found non-annoying for the eye test part. Their range of glasses frames starts at expensive and goes upward though, so I took my prescription away and bought glasses at specsavers.
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I go to Lask's, which is on Mitcham's Corner. They're not very annoying, unlike Optical Express whom I left because of a patronising shit of an optician.
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We go to Taank Optometrists on Mill Road and have been happy with them.