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I've recently read Sam Stone's _Zombies at Tiffany's_, which is basically a harmless light [1] novella with zombies, a certain amount of steampunk to provide the heroine with a portable machinegun for zombie murder, and any number of anachronisms in speech, set during the American Civil War. I did wonder about this, though:

"Martin had discovered a way to boil a kettle by generating power from steam. He used a mini boiler fire in which he burned a piece of coal. This created steam that in turn ran a small engine, 'not unlike trains', Martin had explained, and it warmed the water."

Martin is certainly ingenious but I think there may be some optimisation work possible.

[1] Very light; "now they discover the secret hidden airship chamber on the top floor of Tiffany's and they escape" light, a plot twist worth of Fanthorpe in a hurry.
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I'm pretty sure Americans don't understand kettles.

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And then we can use the steam engine to turn a dynamo, which drives the electric heating coils.
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Seems entirely reas... wait, what? [sigh]

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But wait, I haven't told you about the high-pressure turbopump and hydroelectric generator yet!

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Ah, now it's making a lot more sense. Everyone knows that adding complexity increases efficiency in the world of steampunk!
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That might be a Thog-worthy quote :-)
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Given that footnote, does this post require a spoiler warning? [grin]
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Seems fair.