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This seems to be a theme at the moment, so here's H. Rider Haggard, "Dawn", 1884:

"But his glance did not stop at the raven, for a yard or two beyond it he caught sight of a white skirt, and his eyes, travelling upwards, saw first a rounded waist, and then a bust and pair of shoulders such as few women can boast, and at last, another pair of eyes; and he then and there fell utterly and irretrievably in love."

All else aside, is her face just an otherwise featureless mask, or do her eyes protrude on stalks from her neck-stump? That would put me off falling utterly and irretrievably in love at first sight.

(Also, I had to read it twice to realise it's "another pair of eyes" in addition to his well-travelled ones, not in addition to a spare pair she keeps on her shoulders or something, but I think that's just me.)

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