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Robin Hobb

I've been chewing through quite a lot of Robin Hobb lately, and have come to the Farseer trilogy, which was her first. I was pretty amused when I read this:

"A very faint scent of her clung to my shirt from her brief embrace, and I agonised over whether to wear the shirt that day, to carry the scent with me, or to set it aside in my clothing chest, to preserve it."

I laughed because in the last chapter a weasel vomited on his shirt. (This is a bit unfair - on careful review, he does spend a sentence changing clothes "hastily", but wouldn't he still be a bit weasel-vomity?)

More seriously, it's not as good as her other stuff. The youngest prince forms a murderous plot, they thwart it, inexplicably they decide he's learned his lesson, rinse and repeat. The protagonist has trained as an assassin, so after a few rounds of this, really, you had one job, Mr Protag. Kindly stab him up so we can get on with the zombies^W Forged ones.

I have not agreed to the new Livejournal TOS (they do it with javascript) but I suspect this is my last crosspost.
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Crosspost will fail unless you've accepted the ToS, alas.
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What Kaberett said. I can log into LJ, use the PM and post comments because I block Javascript, but I can't crosspost from DW.
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Obviously, for some of us, the weasel-vomiting scene would be verrry interesting...
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One of my favouritest books as a teenager included someone sending a bone pendant (actually a broken half of one) to their OTL, and he is delighted when he realises he can still smell her rose-oil perfume on it. Even aged 14 my first thought was "but you hid it inside an orange! It is not going to smell of anything other than orange!".

Despite the utter naffness of that particular scene, it's a decent book really (M. M. Kate, The Far Pavilions).
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